Vanessa Hudgens is naked again…

Okay, so I’m late on this news but who really cares about Vanessa Hudgens. Like really, she’s done a couple high school musicals, sang a horrible single on the family network and yea she’s pretty but so are a lot of other people who are also talentless and naked. After those first pics she said that she is guarded and blah blah (from what I’ve read, and what’s been quoted by her) but this shows that with experience and age, some people just don’t get smarter.

Tons of people take naked pics or semi-naked pics of themselves but no one really cares until that person gets famous. She was already famous and very young when the first ones came out, so what gives??

I read that they are filming the next high school musical, so is this a publicity stunt? I don’t think that makes sense because she is in a Disney money and usually Disney cares about their wholesome image but who knows.

Everyone’s seen her naked before, it’s really no big deal. Sure she should do what she wants. If you want to take pictures of yourself on your blackberry the third time, just make sure…oh wait she did take pictures of herself naked on her blackberry…that’s how the second wave got leaked.

Well then maybe since she’s famous (for some reason) and this happened to her twice now she should stop taking pictures. People not in the public eye take them too, but mass people are not interested because they aren’t anybody.

Or maybe she should just pose for playboy and be done with it.

It’s all old news anyway.

Here are some first wave nude pics and the new wave that just came in.


2 Responses to Vanessa Hudgens is naked again…

  1. Tiffany says:

    She is grown Let her do what she wants

    • xmeax says:

      I never said she shouldn’t do what she wants. But I’m pretty sure she didn’t want the whole world to see her naked or she would have posed in playboy.

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